At Lowertown Farm we run an established herd of good quality and carefully selected Pedigree and Heritage Approved mares and we aim to produce confident and happy ponies.

All ponies are handled using natural horsemanship methods before sale. Please look at our page 'Dartmoor Ponies and Natural Horsemanship' for more information.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We are Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust Recognised Pony Keepers

This means that we met the criteria set out by the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust for our pony management and responsible breeding:

The DPHT Recognised Keeper will be expected to: 
·         Be a Dartmoor Pony Keeper or Breeder within the Dartmoor National Park Boundary. Be a Keeper or Breeder of Dartmoor Ponies (Heritage, Supplementary Register and Pedigree Ponies only).
·         Entry will be based on good pony keeping practice
·         Be committed to the preservation of the Dartmoor Pony on Dartmoor
·         Support the values of DPHT in line with the charity’s mission statement, its aims and its Code of Conduct
·         Endeavour to promote a positive image of DPHT and the Dartmoor Pony
·         Always consider and develop practices that prioritise the well being of their stock
·         Maintain high quality stock and develop a breeding programme that reflects the demands of the current market place whilst safeguarding the future of the Dartmoor Pony on Dartmoor
·          Concentrate on breeding for type with an emphasis on temperament
·         Recognise the importance of maintaining a minimum value for Heritage, SR and Pedigree ponies. The Scheme advises breeders not to put ponies in auctions, without a realistic reserve, values to be agreed by members of the scheme on an annual basis
·         All ponies and foals sold must be well handled prior to sale

DPHT pony keepers have created their own Scheme, in order to establish a standard that will become recognised both within the pony breeding environment and by the public.  It will be administered by members of the group. By working together breeders can achieve more than they can alone and potential buyers of Dartmoor ponies will have reassurance about the source and quality of the ponies they purchase. The Scheme will be open to all breeders who meet and maintain the entry requirements.

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