At Lowertown Farm we run an established herd of good quality and carefully selected Pedigree and Heritage Approved mares and we aim to produce confident and happy ponies.

All ponies are handled using natural horsemanship methods before sale. Please look at our page 'Dartmoor Ponies and Natural Horsemanship' for more information.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Dartmoor Pony Drift and Foals

Pony Drift 2012

Well it’s September already and the ponies’ coats are beginning to change to their thick winter coats to keep them warm during the harsh Dartmoor winter.
One of the foals 2012
The pony drift occurs soon which means that all the ponies will be rounded up gently and brought back to the farm.
Once on the farm all the mares and our stallion will have a ‘full MOT’ – worming, hoof care, teeth check and so on to ensure that they are fit and healthy for another year out on the common. Any other issues will be sorted during this time before they get turned out onto the common again.
The foals will then be weaned and turned out into a field together to adjust to life without their dams. After a couple of weeks to settle we will then start handling all the foals and training them, the basics include head collars on, leading and grooming. Nothing is rushed and training is based upon the individual pony.
Once well-handled they are then registered with the Dartmoor Pony Society and given the relevant passport. A couple of the foals will then be added to the sales list for those prospective owners who want a younger foal. The rest will be added to the sales list later on in the year once they have matured and been out and about for ‘life experiences’.
This will be Merribridge Groomsman’s last crop of foals due to his vasectomy earlier in the year – part of our responsible breeding programme.

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