At Lowertown Farm we run an established herd of good quality and carefully selected Pedigree and Heritage Approved mares and we aim to produce confident and happy ponies.

All ponies are handled using natural horsemanship methods before sale. Please look at our page 'Dartmoor Ponies and Natural Horsemanship' for more information.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Ok, so its nothing to do with our ponies......Went shopping yesterday came home with fifteen point of lay, fully vaccinated hens, all hybrids - the same breed used commercially as they lay up to 350 eggs a year! Our hens will supply the B&B with fresh eggs every morning for our guests to enjoy. They came from a farm in Cornwall and were litter reared, and kept inside so they were very apprensive this morning about leaving the hen coop and touching grass for the first time, and have spent the day hiding under the hen house listening to the farmyard noises and the wild birds. Only coming outside for a bit of feather-sorting, food and water. The water currently contains an organic hen tonic to give them a boost whilst they get used to their new surroundings and start laying eggs.

They are about 16-18 weeks old so they will start to lay in about two weeks time - many of the eggs will be double-yolkers, settling down to single yolks when they are a bit older.

Luke designed and built our hen house for them, mainly because we saw many problems with the hen coops sold elsewhere (cracks in the wood for mites to breed - that kind of problem - of course something we want to prevent). It took him five months to complete to ensure that it was exactly what we wanted!!

We also intend of buying some rare breed chickens soon too so there will be plenty of colour in the garden!

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